WE DELIVER MULCH up to 100 miles from Dover, PA!

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Millcreek Operations and Sales

2470 Millcreek Road
Dover, PA 1731

Current Yard Hours:
Monday-Friday: 7AM-3:30PM

Saturday: 8AM-12PM
Sunday: Closed

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8AM-4PM

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Our Operations

Spring Valley Mulch Trailer Tipper

Trailer Tipper

We spot trailers at businesses as far away at Washington, DC to be loaded with their waste wood. Once these trailers are full they are brought back to our location and tipped with our trailer tipper and then pushed on a pile waiting to be processed.

Pallets and Skids

The photo shows a stock pile of waste wood waiting to be processed. From this point, wheel loaders scoop up the pallets and run them through the waste wood grinders.

Waste Wood Grinder Rotochopper B66
Waste Wood Chipper

Waste Wood Grinders

We have a Rotochopper B66. This is the first grinder of the process. This machine produces 1 3/4 chips. It also removes 99.9% of the metal.

The second grinder is a Diamond Z 1460 tub grinder which is our final grind. This machine produces a uniform chip which is ready to be colored. This machine also removes metal missed by the first machine.

We also have a Rotochopper EC266 Grinder used to manufacture animal bedding.

Rotochopper EC266 Grinder
Ground animal bedding in saw dust shed

Animal Bedding

Our Rotochopper EC266 Grinder is used to manufacture our premium animal bedding which is stored our saw dust building.

Coloring Machine

Our coloring machine is a Colorbiotics Sahara X3 which can produce 300 yards per hour. This machine is state of the art which makes a very uniform color. This machine uses less water than most machines which helps with the weight of the product as well as faster drying to prevent wash off.

Spring Valley Mulch Conveyor Loading

Conveyor Loading

We use a radial stacking conveyor which can stack 30 feet high. It can then be moved to different areas to produce the different colors.