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Spring Valley Mulch Products

Did you know?

Mulch Helps during Drought! The dryer the season, the greater need you have for mulch because it retains moisture in the soil for plants. Mulch is prized for its decorative appeal and it aids in erosion, weed, moisture and temperature control.


Our Mulch

Our Mulch is available for sale bagged or in bulk.

Whether you just need a couple of yards or a 40 yard truck load, we have your mulch needs covered.

Natural Hardwood Mulch

Our double ground natural hardwood mulch is primarily made of ground up tree branches, shrubs and log wood. We do not use any type of grass, roots or bamboo. This is all a wood product. The pile is ground up and left to age to get a dark color.

Red Colored Mulch

Our double ground red colored mulch is produced from fresh pallet material. Our red colorant is produced by Colorbiotics. We use the starburst grade which is the highest grade available. This red is a bright, vibrant red.

Brown Colored Mulch

Our double ground colored brown is produced from aged pallet material. Our color is starburst coffee brown which is a very dark chocolate brown.

Black Colored Mulch

Our double ground black mulch is produced from aged pallet material. We color this material with starburst black which is the darkest black available. This is our number one selling color. It enhances all the colors within your flower bed.

Playground Mulch

This double ground material is produced from fresh pallet material. This product is used under play sets to protect children upon a fall. * This material is not state certified.

Animal bedding

Animal Bedding

Our animal bedding is made from waste wood, which is ground to a sawdust type material. This material is very dry and very absorbent and is available year round. This product is stored in a warehouse and is kept dry.