WE DELIVER MULCH up to 100 miles from Dover, PA!

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Millcreek Operations and Sales

2470 Millcreek Road
Dover, PA 1731

Current Yard Hours:
Monday-Friday: 7AM-4PM

Saturday: 8AM-12PM
Sunday: Closed

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8AM-4PM

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Spring Valley Mulch Services


Mulch Sales

Wholesale to Nurseries

We deliver to nurseries in large volumes in Pennsylvania and up to 100 miles from our Dover facility, just North of York, PA. Our large supply helps secure competitive prices which are passed down to the consumer.

Commercial Sales to Landscapers

We supply many of the commercial landscapers with quality colored mulch to be used manually or with a blower. The quality of our mulch meets even the most demanding application.

Mulch Delivery

We wholesale our mulch to local nurseries in the York County area and up to a 100 mile radius of Dover. We supply landscapers who use blower trucks as well as those applying mulch by hand.

Residential Sales

We supply local residents with up to 20 yards per truck load delivered or picked up at our location as little as 1 yard. Mulch sales can be made from both of our convenient locations, Manchester or Spring Valley in Dover, PA.

Waste Wood Disposal

Trailer Tipper

We provide disposal of waste wood to companies with their own trailers, offering the state of the art trailer tipper. This is a safe and quick means of off loading very large volumes of waste wood.

Skid Disposal

We offer wood pallet disposal, wooden skid disposal and wooden crate disposal. By taking this waste wood and turning it into mulch, it eliminates the disposal of these products into our landfills or the incinerator!

Roll-off Container

Roll-off Containers

We have 40 yard roll-off containers that we spot at companies for removal of their waste wood products. This convenient method of disposal provides you with a stress-free way of disposing waste wood.